Drum Sander Vs Planer — Buying Considerations

Drum Sander Vs Planer — Buying Considerations

Spending a huge amount of time on a job to the point of near exhaustion is certainly not a good thing.

This is where a drum sander comes in. A drum sander will help you get the job done quickly with less effort.

Drum Sander Vs. Planer - Drum Sander

When compared with a planer, I would say that a drum sander with a separate motor is better because the feeding belt can alter the speed and burn the restriction. There is no need for a mask or gloves.

Consider the many models available in the market and determine what will match the functionality to your lifestyle.

Here are the main things to consider when buying a drum sander:


The quality is unquestionably important.

Buy a unit with reliable quality from reputable suppliers. Low-quality sanders may malfunction at any time and cause accidents.


With the quality also comes the durability.

A durable unit may seem more expensive than the other, but in the long run, it can save you a lot of money. Test the unit and ask about maintenance.


The stage is the part lying on the lower area of ​​the tool. A drum sander can have a plate that is as wide as the sanding belt or that is one inch wider. Check the width of the sander roller you want to buy.


It is important to establish the correct speed according to the softness of the wood. Most drum sanders today have variable speeds.

Dust Bag

A dust bag collects dust residue while you work. It keeps the work area clean and prevents dust from getting in your eyes.

There is no guarantee that a drum sander will come with a good dust bag, so you should make sure to check this.


Drum sanders can produce noise that can distract neighbors and can be harmful to your ears.

Ask for the volume in decibels of the model you want to buy. 95 decibels is enough for personal use in the home.


Excessive vibration during operation will leave blabber marks on the stock part. It has also been shown that too much vibration over time can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Generally, a lighter drum sander produces less vibration and blabber.

What is a planer?

Drum Sander Vs. Planer - Planer

A planer is a woodworking machine that is used to make flat surfaces and straight edges on boards.

Planers serve a similar function to the following tools: timbre, flat lid, jointer, assembler, or thickness planer (thicknesser), the last of which is used to create boards that have a constant thickness along its entire length and are flat on its upper surface.

Is it sensible to buy used planers?

The more a wood planer costs, the more the question of whether or not it’s new or used becomes a point of discussion. However, whether or not you should buy a used planer will depend on the specific model in question, it’s quality, and how much it has been used.

In the case of table-type brushes and smaller, lower-capacity floor models, its wear and tear is very likely to be insignificant, since these types of planing machines rarely endure constant use for years.

How do you evaluate the quality of used planers?

You do not need expert knowledge of planing machinery to accurately judge the quality of a planer.

Instead, you can follow a step-by-step process that is enough to judge the quality of most industrial woodworking machines.

The first step is to buy only with professional sellers of machines used to work the wood, which will have the ability to examine the machinery from the inside out to determine its value.

For more on planers, see this article.


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