21 Types Of Wood Joints

21 Types Of Wood Joints

Here are 21 different types of wood joints for your convenience. They are obviously good for woodworkers, but they can be a great inspiration for metalsmiths as well.

For a strong soldered joint, maximize the contact area.

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Why Your Porter Cable Saw Blade Won’t Raise

Why Your Porter Cable Saw Blade Won’t Raise

Before buying a blade for a radial arm saw table, circular saw table, or whatever else, there are few things that you should know about blade material.

If you’re wondering why your Porter Cable saw blade won’t raise, read on. Also provided is a brief buying guide.

Porter Cable Saw Blade Won't Raise

What You Need To Know

Firstly, you should know what kind of saw you are going to use your blade on and also what sort of product you are going to cut with that saw. If you are going to cut only one kind of material then customize the blades accordingly.

It would be beneficial to determine the number of teeth that a blade has because more teeth generally translates to a smoother cut; if the number of teeth is small, more material will be removed by the blade.

You should also check the space between the blade and the tooth.

If you’re thinking about moving away from saws altogether, it might be a good idea to look into CNC machines for your cutting needs. But lets move on to the issue of the saw blade not raising.

Why The Blade Won’t Raise

When you are working with a Porter Cable saw, what sometimes happens is the blade won’t raise.

This can happen when something gets stuck in the saw. Use compressed air and a small wire to check if anything is there. Using a wrench, try to rotate the shaft.

Also twist and then CW a little bit if possible. Always work carefully when you are working with a saw.

Turn the saw upside down to get to the adjustment mechanism. Porter Cable uses gears that are attached to worm gears and also with hand wheel to lower the blade. These gears are attached to the shafts.

Bevel gears can be the real cause of the problem if they get misaligned or broke; even retainers can get sheared or loose. The main reason why this problem occurs is because all of the dust and dirt that is built up.

This gets in the gear teeth causing it to get stuck by stopping its movement until it is cleaned sufficiently. This results in extra force or extra effort by an operator to work with it which can lead to mechanical failure.

There could be more possible reasons for the failure like a cracked handle that doesn’t allow turning of the rod. There may be too much dust in the blade height adjustment mechanism, or pins that hold the gears and shaft could be missing or stripped.


You should check the things discussed above to see if you can find the problem. If you’ve taken all these measures and are still having problems, I recommend contacting Porter Cable customer service.

Good luck!