3 Factors That Affect Wood Filler Drying Time

3 Factors That Affect Wood Filler Drying Time

To remove imperfections from wooden floors before advancing to finishing, application of wood filler is ideal.

If you’d like to bring out the grain in your wood, you can stain and varnish it; for more on that, go here.

How Long Wood Putty Takes To Dry 1

However, when applying wood filler, it is important to note the different drying times. This raises the question “how long does wood filler take to dry“?

The period taken for wood filler to dry generally depends on a number of factors detailed below:

1. The nature of the repair involved.

The period taken for wood filler to dry depends on the type of repair being carried out, whether shallow or deep repairs on the particular surface involved.

The approximate time taken by wood filler to dry in shallow repairs is around 15 minutes, while in situations where deep repairs are involved, the drying time ranges between 2-8 hours before sanding can be carried out.

2. The type of wood filler used.

Other than the nature of the repair involved, the type of wood filler used, whether oil-based or water-based, also affects drying times.

Generally, water-based wood filler doesn’t take as long to dry compared to oil-based wood filler.

3. The temperature and humidity.

External factors like temperature and humidity also affect the rate at which wood filler dries.

An increase in temperature normally results in a decrease in drying time (and vice versa) since drying tends to be good in warm conditions and poor in conditions with temperatures below 10 degrees. Humidity on the other hand affects the rate of drying by interfering with oxygen rates, thus making drying take a little longer.

Here’s a video that demonstrates wood putty application:

In cases where you require wood filler to dry faster, you have to consider the favorable conditions that would suit you such as low humidity, warm temperatures, shallow repairs, and and a water-based wood filler.

With the breakdown above, you can at least learn a thing or two about the factors that affect the drying times of wood filler.

While we’re on the topic of wood, you should check out my article on using a bandsaw to work with wood.

Best of luck with your project!


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