Considerable Aspect For Buying A Bandsaw

Considerable Aspect For Buying A Bandsaw

For some jobs, it is very important to have properly shaped material as they are the required for giving the job the title of perfection.

Along with other industrial tasks, this mostly happens in case of timber related work like building tools, tables or other wooden furniture, though the usage of wood is not only limited to wooden furniture but also other things like interior and industrial works as well.


Now comes the question: how do you give a wooden piece the perfect shape? With the help of science, our life has become better in a lot of ways, and the same thing has happened here as well.

Today we are going to tell you about the bandsaw, which has become one of the most important tools in woodworking and other areas.

While buying any kind of product, it is pretty obvious that people will try to match the product with some specific criteria. The same thing happens in the case of the bandsaw.

Before I get into it, for a more detailed bandsaw buying guide along with specific model recommendations, I strongly suggest heading on over to Carve Your Creation.

Now, let’s see what the criteria are:

Cutting Capacity

This the most basic and important aspect to be considered while buying a bandsaw, as this the prime reason for purchasing one.

The capacity varies on the basis of the requirement of the user, but whatever your requirement is, make sure the one you are looking at or thinking about buying is able to meet your demands and capable of cutting in the way that you want.

Frame Style

There are basically two frame styles that are most preferred by the professionals of this sector, and they are cast iron frame & steel frame.

Cast Iron Frame

Cast iron frames are quite popular among people in this field.

Its height capacity can easily be expanded, but there is a drawback which has to do with the capacity of its motor; the motor is considered to be underpowered for resawing bigger things.

Steel Frame

Steel frame bandsaws have been drawing a lot of attention these days, not only in the market of Europe but in the US as well.

Saw Image 1

Its amazing construction design has made it more appealing to people and it has made it easy for the users to extend their cutting capacity. For that, they need to give up neither deflection or strength.

Blade Guides

Blade guides are also one the major consideration factors in getting a bandsaw. Though in the old days, bandsaw makers used to think that it is important for them to use low quality blade guides because it helps them to stay in a better position in the market in terms of price.

But nowadays, manufacturers understand the importance of better blade guides and have corrected the situation that was prevailing in the past. The two most popular blade guides are bearing blade guides and ceramic blade guides.


Last but not least, there’s the power of the bandsaw.

In one of our considerations that we mentioned earlier, we told you how much the horsepower matters. For getting the bandsaw with right horsepower you will have to understand what kind of horsepower is required for your work.

Getting the right product to a huge extent depends on your judgment. The same thing is applicable while buying a bandsaw as well. Hopefully, the above criteria will help you to make the best buying decision.


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